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Key global and local organisations working in the AgriTech ecosystem, partnering agriculture and technology to improve sustainable productivity

Tikkun Olam Ventures

Tikkun Olam Ventures (TOV) is JDC's project to use Israeli innovative agricultural technology and expertise in order to transform the lives of smallholder farmers around the world. It launched from a 2 year pilot program in Ethiopia, with a goal to now reach 5000 Ethiopian farmers.



Brings together farmers and growers with scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs to create a global innovation hub in agri-tech.

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Volcani International Partnerships

VIP is an organisation that aims to share Israel's agricultural experience, knowledge and innovative expertise with partners globally.



Aims to develop the Israeli Ag-Tech ecosystem and reshape Israeli agriculture to meet emerging global food needs through the implementation of groundbreaking technologies.



The international hub for the agricultural industry: a showcase for knowledge and innovation, a place to network and discover lucrative, professional opportunities.


Start-Up Nation Central

The Start-Up Nation Central platform works to connect Israeli innovation with businesses/ governments globally, helping technological sectors to mature and expand their skillsets. In the Agri-tech sector, SUNC provides information on the latest opportunities, trends and news in the field in Israel.

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Syngenta Foundation

Works to strengthen smallholder farming and food systems, catalyzing market development and the delivery of innovations, while building capacity across the public and private sectors.



AGRA is an African-led organisation, oriented on transforming smallholder livelihoods into thriving business, increasing incomes and food security. Since its conception, it has reached 22.6 million smallholders.


Food-Tech Israel

The goal of Food-Tech Israel is to develop and strengthen the food sector in Israel through creating a community of stakeholders involved across the field who work to strengthen the sectors work.

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