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The Pears Challenge program provides a dynamic, collaborative environment for Pears Challenge fellows to develop, test and actualize their ideas.
Generate out-of-the-box venture ideas with the power to change the world.

Phase 1



Phase 2


We will inspire you.

Participate in an ideation lab exploring challenges and opportunities.  Learn about business models that work in humanitarian settings. Acquire human centred design tools.  Brainstorm with needs knowers and potential clients from around the world. Join forces with other Pears Challenge Fellows to collaborate on venture development.

Phase 3



We will accelerate you. 

Give us your best ideas.  If we think they have promise, you will be invited to join our accelerator program.  Accepted ventures will have the opportunity to connect with top experts, needs knowers and field-based organizations in order to further develop their ideas and form a validation plan.

We will give you
the resources to succeed.

Phase 4



We will connect you. 

See whether your innovation meets the field test. Innovations and venture ideas will be reviewed by experts and field organizations.    If your proposal generates interest, we will fund a two-week field trip for validate your ideas and develop your business plan.

We will give you
the resources to succeed. 

Receive support for as long as necessary to transform your business ideas into success stories. Access expertise and networking support through the Pears Challenge team and community.  Take advantage of microgrants to further your venture. Reach investors who care about impact.

Developing a successful venture takes time and we are committed to supporting you for as long as it takes to transform your vision into a global innovation success story.