2019 Ventures


SW4A is an innovative, low-cost, mobile, foldable household rainwater harvesting system (RWHS) which does not require a rooftop for installation. Suitable for drinking water, agriculture and livestock, it provides a year-round, supplementary safe water source for refugee camp households. The system’s collection capacity is 50 m per 2 collection area or 25,000 liters annually in 500 mm annual precipitation


The ‘Volume Reducing Bags’ (VRB) sanitation system is designed to be implemented off-grid, in problematic soils, water sensitive areas and densley populated spaces. It is compact and light, constructed above ground, easily relocated, and operates with unlimited capacity due to a container based strategy. It reduces the waste volume dramatically by adopting a membrane technology. Furthermore, it can be easily relocated and is safe for the environment, which reduces the risk of contamination for sanitation workers.


Remayim aims to make handwashing accessible to all by developing an offgrid handwashing station that will reuse the water and be designed to fit the needs of vulnerable groups that can’t use existing solutions, for example elderly, handy capped, small children, etc.

Rural Senses provides businesses, aid organisations and research institutes with verified, unbiased data about local communities’ needs, priorities and willingness to pay for products and services. Leveraging the power of local communities, innovative data collection techniques and advanced data analysis, data is provided faster, more ethically and at a larger scale than existing solutions.


Truvi seeks to transform resiliency, disaster response and preparedness with an AI-based system that provides actionable, predictive, fact-based matching of needs-to-solutions in real time. It is an AI-virtual fishing rod passing through the noisy waves of data to find the right solution.

Kal-Toilet is a first response sanitation solution in acute emergencies. Our waste collection system is a unique, foldable product using a simple mechanism to separate excreta from urine, filtering the urine and collecting the excreta in sealed bags.

Kal Toilet

2017 Ventures

Mosteq logo_2.png

Mosteq has developed a system for sterilising mosquitos, which are one of the greatest transmitters of disease in the world. They offer innovative solutions for scalable mosquito control programs​.

Engineering for All (EfA) has developed a small, portable device, RevDx, that can perform automated blood tests, diagnostics, and data analytics on the spot, a kind of hand-held hospital to assist under-equipped medical workers and technicians.

EfA co-founder and CEO Yoel Ezra says that the idea behind RevDx is to create “the first programmable lab-on-hand,” a hand-held gadget that can run sophisticated diagnostics.


Soapy offers an intelligent hygiene micro-station, powered by a smart-capsules capable of producing an accurate dose of soap & water.

Every year, millions die from diseases that could have been easily prevented, had they had access to proper hygiene facilities and safe running water. Hygiene is a fundamental human right. But the truth is, more than 2 billion people, simply don’t have the budget or infrastructure to support widespread sanitation. Soapy has developed an independent hygiene station. It generates water from the atmosphere and uses a proprietary soap formula, to wash hands to standards set - by the World Health Organization. It takes only 30 seconds and uses 95% less water than any other available solutions.

IoT connection provides a real-time social picture of hygiene impact on the community demographics.


2015 Ventures

watercomms logo 2 .png.jpeg
WaterComms offers a marketplace for maintaining decentralized water facilities in under-served regions. They provide easy access to reliable water technicians and technical suppliers for the maintenance of decentralized water facilities. WaterComms approach motivates efficiency and professionalism, and sets the stage for the integration of advanced water technologies.
Cold Truck is a first of its kind, web based, trade platform, for second hand units of the temperature controlled transport industry. Cold Truck provides direct connectivity between global sellers of second-hand cooling units in developed countries and buyers in developing countries, making cold chain transport of agricultural produce in developing countries more affordable, and decreasing  post-harvest loss.  Cold Truck's platform has launched, and has already become the most dominant player in this unique market., with approximately 1400 units advertised for sale.
Waepoint’s intelligent algorithm gathers, analyzes and bridges between geographic content, local infrastructure and financial data to form a comprehensive solar project assessment. Waepoint simplifies the initial process for all stakeholders of the energy eco-system while allowing the many new players to join the energy revolution by detecting and validating new projects. Waepoint received a US$ 10,000 grant from the USAID Smart-X accelerator.

2014 Ventures

LivingBox is a low-cost, off-grid, modular system that enables urban households without access to affordable vegetables to meet their dietary needs.  The system folds to be compact enough for shipping and is easily assembled without expert support.  LivingBox recently won a large grant from the Ministry of the Economy for development and design of the product and are presently finalizing their prototype for piloting.  They are presently in discussions with potential partners in Israel and Uganda for beta testing the product.  

Living Box has received extensive media attention through the Pears Challenge in places as far away as China, India and Los Angeles.

LivingBox New.jpg

Keheala uses community engagement and remote adherence monitoring to bridge the shortcomings of direct observation of treatment in resource-scarce regions to improve Tuberculosis (TB) health outcomes and save providers money. By applying principles from the social sciences to redefine TB as a community rather than an individual problem, Keheala engages the social determinants of health that lead to non-adherence — the final barrier to the complete eradication of TB. Keheala received the IsraAid 'Leap Frog' award and a Development Innovation Ventures grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Ulysses provides data collection and management platforms to optimize off grid technologies in developing countries.  Its platforms empower donors, companies, NGOs and others to correctly assess the impact of their off grid installations and to optimize their use.  Ulysses is now managing sites deploying off-grid technologies in both Israeli and five African countries and is working on expanding its product line. Ulysses was chosen to be one of the four initial exhibitors at the new Eilat-Eilot Off Grid Field in Kibbutz Ketura.


Avemus revolutionizes agricultural cooperative management in emerging markets through enterprise management software.There are more than 1.2 million cooperatives in the world  that generate in excess of $594 billion.  Avemus enables them to optimize their operations by means of tools for information sharing, notifications, reporting and more.  After completing the Pears Challenge and setting up operations in the Dominican Republic, Avemus participated in the 2015 inaugural class of Techstars Berlin, including $125,000 in seed capital.

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