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David Mendelbaum

Project Manager

David is a Project Manager at Pears Program for Global Innovation.

In the past fifteen years, he has dedicated his career to promoting effective generation of positive social and environmental impact through cross-sector partnership-based projects and the introduction of innovative policies and tech products.


David has worked as a consultant for innovation and impact strategies for an array of organizations, including governmental, nonprofits, innovation hubs, and corporations. He previously served as a manager of long term and complex projects of environmental rehabilitation and socio-economic development within east Jerusalem and underprivileged communities throughout Israel.

In recent years, David has acquired valuable entrepreneurial experience by taking key roles in the development of AgTech products and stakeholder ecosystem management tools. He has also been instrumental in creating business models that generate social impact across several industries.


He holds a Bsc in agricultural sciences, nature conservation and open spaces management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in addition, he has participated in multiple associate’s and professional certification programs in ESG, urban design and participatory planning, among others.

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