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Demo Day

November 9, 2022
Herzog Towers
Tel Aviv, Israel


Opening Remarks

Joanne Moore, Acting Managing Director of Pears Program for Global Innovation

Hagit Freud, Managing Director of Pears Program for Global Innovation

Meet the graduating ventures


RawCocoa is creating a modular hub for collecting, handling and turning Cocoa by-products and biomass to useful raw material, thus creating value for Ghanaian Cocoa farmers while relying on a circular ‘zero-waste’ model. 

Nitzotz Saranga is an industrial designer, explorer, & entrepreneur.

Ora Peled Nakash is a user researcher, design thinker, & entrepreneur. 


Cool-Harvest is developing a 100% off-grid portable cooling bag for harvest workers that slows down metabolic processes of perishables by rapidly removing heat from the crop and significantly extending its shelf life.

Yair Hadash is a serial entrepreneur & Co-Founder of NOF Cooling.

AMMFI CarbonForestry

AMMFI is creating a FinTech platform that integrates cutting-edge Remote-Sensing Technologies, Agro-Forestry algorithms and financial instruments to turn nature values into financial income for tree-crop farmers and processors.

Dr. Dafna M. DiSegni is an Applied Economist & expert in sustainable finance and market mechanism design.


Symbiosis is developing a digital platform that gathers, produces and standardizes all information on West African herbal medicine, therefore unleashing the hidden potential of the herbal healthcare system, improving the quality of life of West Africans and continuing to support economic growth.

Yaara Cain is an industrial engineer & information systems specialist. 


BetterLeaf is on a journey to transform the pesticides industry by developing a locally produced, novel, highly effective and affordable biopesticide from indigenous medicinal plants.

Dani Neifeld is a serial entrepreneur, bio-pesticide expert, & poet. 

Ben Katzir is an agronomist and sustainable development practitioner, and guides tours around the African continent.



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