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Key resources for Fin-Tech and information on increased financial inclusion

Digital Frontiers Institute

Provides online courses and targeted research to bridge human capacity gaps that exist in the digital world, with particular focus on developing countries. The effect is to create professionals that are able to participate in the digital economy.


The Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Global leader on financial inclusion policy and regulation, through promoting evidence-based solutions which work to improve the lives of the poor.



The UNCDF functions to make public and private finance accessible for the poor living in the world's least developed economies. Through promoting inclusive digital economies, local development finance and investment finance, the organisation aims to increase participation in the lcoal economy, while also enabling women empowerment too.


BFA Global

Works with global leading innovators and develop organisations to help them develop/ deploy solutions that can improve the lives of individuals and communities, in emerging markets. Does so through providing research and advice, accelerating tech development and helping design products.


World Bank Financial Inclusion

The World Bank Group plays a role in advancing financial inclusion; offers a range of resources and initiatives to promote financial inclusion.


International Monetary Fund

The IMF closely monitors fin-tech developments, with this page gathering existing research on the impact of emerging technologies for the world of finance.


Mastercard Lab for Financial Inclusion

Uses Mastercard's innovation/ global financial inclusion capabilities to change lives. Through the Mastercard Lab, groundbreaking solutions created to help people manage risk better, financially plan for the future and be empowered.



Implements financial inclusion initiatives through the provision of free financial literacy programs. It partners with financial institutions and fin-techs, governments and international development organizations, non-profit organizations, impact investors and others to reach underserved communities.

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