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Funding Opportunities

A selection of websites that provide updated funding opportunities for DevTech startups in Israel

Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority works to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms, with the aim of addressing the changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems. This includes early stage entrepreneurs, established businesses or academic groups who want to transfer their ideas to the global market.


UNICEF Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund provides funding for technological solutions aimed to help those facing global development challenges, through aiding business growth and product development. Startups also gain access to the Venture team's tech expertise and networks in order to grow their solution into a bigger project.


The Global Innovation Fund

As a non-profit innovation fund that invests in the development, rigorous testing, and scaling of innovations targeted at improving the lives of the world’s poorest people, the GIF provides grants to materialise innovative ideas into meaningful and effective solutions. Grants are provided to private companies, NGOs and government agencies.


Bond Funding

As a hub for civil society organisations united in their goal to help eradicate global poverty, Bond platforms a range of funding opportunities currently offered by many organisations in the field of global development.


Roddenberry Catalyst Fund

The catalyst fund offers donations ranging from $2500 to $15000 to anyone who has an early stage idea/ project that addresses an substantial global challenge.



A global charity that finds solutions to humanitarian issues through R&D. This is partly achieved through the provision of funding opportunities for innovation projects.


Humanitarian Grand Challenge

Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge provides support to solutions that engage the private sector in an effort to find innovative and revolutionary ideas to address some of the challenges encountered by vulnerable people in the face of conflict. 


Transform Fund

Works to transform innovative ideas into actual development solutions, through the provision of seed money and the funding of the commercialisation of the technology. This initiative is powered by the Islamic Development Bank in an effort to use innovation to make a difference in the world.


Grand Challenges

A group of initiatives fostering innovation to solve global health and development issues, offering applications for global grant opportunities.


WFP Innovation Accelerator

Finds, supports and scales transformative solutions that work to end global hunger, providing entrepreneurs, start-ups and NGOs with the tools and mentorship to develop their ideas into realities.

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Mindset PCS

Mindset PCS is an organisation focused on researching and scaling innovation and the promotion of people-centred solutions for international organisations. It also provides updated information on external funding opportunities for start-ups and NGOs in the development sector.


Donor Tracker

Donor Tracker tracks development initiatives and funding trends globally, supporting evidence based advocacy for global development.

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Development Innovation Ventures USAID

DIV is USAID's innovation scheme which provides funding on a rolling basis to new innovative solutions that respond to the pressing development challenges faced by people globally.


Welcome Trust

Funding support for scientists, researchers, innovators and more to mobilize innovative ideas into solutions relating to urgent health challenges.


Coordination SUD

A fund that supports projects and services through the donation of solar modules/ systems, focusing on green education.


ICT Works

ICT Works publishes current funding opportunities for innovation for development projects, focused primarily in Africa

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