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A set of key organisations functioning in the HealthTech field,  with the aim of using collective efforts and resources to overcome health challenges


Fosters development and integration of innovative solutions for healthcare challenges. Aims to do so through a holistic and challenge-centric approach to healthcare innovation, bridging the gap between the tech community and the public health sector.


Humanitarian Grand Challenges

Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge engages the private sector in an effort to find innovative and revolutionary ideas and solutions to address some of the challenges encountered by vulnerable people in the face of conflict.


EU Health Programme

The Health Programme is a funding tool which supports the cooperation among EU countries, underpinning EU health activites. It serves 4 main objectives; to promote health and prevent disease, to protect EU citizens from cross-border health threats, to contrbute to innovative and sustainable health systems and facilitate high quality heakthcare for EU citizens.


CORE group

CORE Group unites global community health professionals and practitioners to share knowledge, evidence and best practices, with the aim of transferring these into the real world with direct impact. This works to serve its aim of expanding community health services for underdeveloped populations, in particular women and children.



Aims to improve health outcomes for people affected by humanitarian crises by strengthening the evidence base for public health interventions.

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