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Make Profit and Change the World - Pre-event for Dev4Dev Hackathon

The IsraelDev Network and Terralab Ventures in partnership with the Pears Innovation for International Development Program held an eye opening event at Mazeh 9 on how the Israeli tech community can tap into developing world markets and earn a profit, while addressing some of the greatest challenges of the developing world. The event was attended by over 150 guests, who sipped on wine while engaging in interactive exercises and discussions about some of the real world challenges that may be solved by phone apps. These exercises were just a sneak peek into the challenges that participants were asked to tackle at the Dev4Dev Cleanweb Hackathon the following month. A panel discussion was then held with Zika Absuk, Senior Manager of Business Development at Cisco; Dov Bar-Gera, CEO of YooMee Africa; and Doron Ben Sira, CEO of SkyVision, some of the leading Israeli actors working in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, who shared some of their insights about working in the developing world. View photos of the event here.

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