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Disrupting Affordable Healthcare: MED4DEV Pre-Hackathon Event!

On July 12th, the Pears Program for Global Innovation, in partnership with community, Start-up Nation Central and Create Tel Aviv hosted a unique panel discussion on "Disrupting Affordable Healthcare" with investors and startups making it happen in the healthcare sector.

Participants had the opportunity to meet talented innovators designing breakthrough technologies answering the most pressing needs of low income communities all over the world and to learn more about the Med4Dev India-Israel Affordable Healthcare Hackathon taking place from July 22 to 24 in Tel Aviv and in three cities in India.

The panelists included:

Vanessa Bartram, Managing Partner at Zora

Jerry Arenson, Business Development Manager-Healthcare Technologies GE Global Research

Aron Cohen, CEO of Azure

Yoni Ben Zaken, Former Head of Trade & Economic Mission, Embassy Of Israel, New Delhi

Moderator: Curtis Peterson, VP of Global Health MobileODT

More photos here!

Photo credit: Sára Salamon Photography

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