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Innovating for the Indian masses in Healthcare and Fintech

As part of the 2016 TAU Innovation Week, the Pears Program for Global Innovation hosted an exciting meet-up dedicated to emerging markets and how cutting edge technologies, coupled with innovative business models are revolutionising access to healthcare and financial services for the masses in India.

Participants had the chance to exchange with our two guest speakers from India: Jay Krishnan, founder and CEO of T-Hub - India’s largest tech incubator - and serial entrepreneur with successful exits in India and the US, and Josh Bornstein, head of Montane Ventures, a Mumbai-based early-stage fund looking at Israeli start-ups interested in the Indian market.

A night of opportunities, investments and introduction to the players helping Israeli start-ups succeed in these challenging but rewarding markets!

Come deep dive with us into one of the most vibrant global innovation ecosystems!

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