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Latin America Ambassadors Events

This morning our director, Dr. Aliza Inbal presented the pears program for global innovation to Israeli ambassadors in Latin America in an event organized by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aliza gave a review of the Israeli ecosystem of companies in the field of Ag-tech, water technology, digital health and other fields of Israeli innovation that can make a change in the lives of people in the bottom of the pyramid in developing countries. After her review, a few Israeli companies who are chosen by the pears program presented their company and their products to the ambassadors and met with them.

The companies that participated in the events are:

Forrest Innovations Forrest Innovations has developed a ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) technology to address disease-vectoring mosquitoes and plant disease, specifically citrus greening, or HLB.

Avenews GT Avenews-GT is an ecosystem designed for the international and local agricultural produce market, empowering farmers to participate in global trade and deliver their unique and high-quality products to the world.

GroundWork BioAg Groundwork BioAg Ltd produces cost-effective, natural mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. The company’s mycorrhizal fungi improve soil nutrient uptake in 90% of all plant species and dramatically increase crop yields, especially under stress conditions. Seismic AI SeismicAI offers a regional earthquake early warning system (EEWS). Our network of sensors will provide an effective alert on coming earthquake faster and more accurately than other solutions on the market. Combining the proven seismological knowledge with a state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure brings the most robust, reliable and cost-effective EEWS on the market.

Mobile ODT MobileODT develops optical diagnostic devices and software services for a range of medical applications, but in particular for the early detection of cancer. The company has created a full portfolio of solutions for healthcare providers screening for cervical cancer, including a mobile application for Android phones for remote image capturing and patient information tracking.

Aquallence Aquallence is proud to introduce "NanoBlue", the world's first Point of Entry Plug & Play grid power-free water purification & disinfection solution for household, residential & Rural water systems. Aquallence's flagship product, NanoBlue, is the most advanced system that guarantees complete “Water Shield“ disinfection & purification performance by removal of viruses, bacteria, cysts ,arsenic 3 & 5, lead, mercury, iron, odor and chlorine by using grid power-free ozone-based technology.

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