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Cassit's story

2006 - 2015: Background


Prior to coming to the Pears Challenge Tamar studied Industrial Design at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), B. Design. During her studies, she designed a splint for people with disabilities.


Tamar established "Cassit Studio'' and recruited an occupational therapist and a materials engineer. Together they started designing and producing tailor-made solutions for people with disabilities. They tested and mixed many materials until they found a unique thermoplastic transparent material that allowed easier fit and greater durability.

In the meantime, Tamar took courses in management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

After 5 years of activity Tamar developed two lines of products - eating and cooking utensils and medical hand splints.

At a time when just a few design studios chose to specialize in assistive technology design, Cassit team realized that casts and splints had not evolved for decades, and there was huge business potential and social impact for improved products.

2015: Ideation

December 2015: First Funding

2016 - 2017: Product Development

2018: Team

November 2018: Global Exposure & Recognition

January 2019: Entering the Emergency Treatment Field

March 2019: Business & Marketing

April 2019: Seed Funding

September 2019: Doing good

February 2020: Production Line

June 2020: Medical Certificates

February - April 2021: Sales

August 2021: Doing good while doing well

March 2022: Scaling up

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