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Innovation Journey Companies

In April 2021, in partnership with JDC-TOV and the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, we kicked off the TOV Innovation Journey. The 10 participating companies began learning about Ethiopia and its agriculture sector, the life and habits of smallholder farmers, and the nature of AgTech and Fintech sectors in the country. All along the program, they will adjust their value proposition to the Ethiopian market and meet potential Ethiopian partners.

The companies will go through the process of learning about the inner workings of the Ethiopian smallholder farmer market and will get exposure and the opportunity to explore partnerships with our program’s partner organizations, companies, and government institutions in Ethiopia that are engaged with smallholder farmers. A sample of the participating companies includes Oko, Saillog, RapidFarm, AKOLogic, ChromePay, SupPlant, PickApp, and Agrifriend.

The Innovation Journey is a JDC-TOV program, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Israel, organized in partnership with the Pears Program.


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