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Israeli Tech combating Covid-19

COVID-19 pandemic requires rapid action and innovation. Several Israeli companies have managed to move extremely fast on innovating and adapting their technologies to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the role of innovation and technology in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and improving healthcare services during these challenging times?

What are some of the existing technologies that can make a difference in combating the COVID-19 pandemic?

On May 4th, we have co-organised a webinar with Startup Nation Central and the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry to answer those questions and featuring Israeli startups combatting Covid-19.

The webinar showcased relevant Israeli technologies that are ready for deployment in developing countries, specifically in Africa, with the purpose of connecting these innovative solutions to partners interested in collaborating on the ground. We were happy to have participants from over 15 countries around the globe and an active engagement from the audience looking for getting in touch and partnering with the innovators.

If you couldn’t join our webinar, you can watch the recording here:

The website CoronaTech initiated by SNC and HealthIL is listing all startups that are relevant and have adapted their solution to answer challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following this great initiative, the Pears Program team has been talking with many partners in the field to understand the specific challenges they are facing. Together with our partners, we have created a short list of Israeli technologies that are relevant, affordable or ready for deployment in developing countries. You can see below, information on the four startups which were presented in the webinar as well as additional technologies in the health field and beyond, which are also at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle:

Diagnostics Robotics-  Medical-grade AI triage and clinical-predictions platform Adaptation Covid-19: Diagnostic Robotics is fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19) with a triage and monitoring system for healthcare providers, payers and government agencies. The system provides remote patient screening, triage for symptomatic patients, and population-level monitoring of COVID-19 trends and hot spots.  The system has been successfully deployed by Israel's Ministry of Health and all the HMOs in the country. It has been deployed in the State of Rhode Island and in the State of Odisha, India as part of a global partnership with Deloitte and Salesforce - Explore the solution here.

Opensource Ventilator:

AmboVent: AmboVent is an open source Ambu based respirator designed by a team of Israeli engineers and medical experts as a response to the worldwide shortages in mechanical ventilation devices caused by the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. The AmboVent respirator was engineered for mass-production at low costs, using off-the-shelf components removing the need for complex assembly lines. The device's entire blueprints, mechanical & electrical designs, source-codes and medical/engineering test reports were published on GitHub as open-source hardware and software on the evening of 1 April 2020 - Explore the platform here

Growponics - Agritech company

Adaptation Covid-19: A quick and simple mechanical ventilation solution for COVID-19 respiratory patients Growponics has expanded many resources to quickly and most professionally build a Ventilation machine. Growponics has teamed up with physicians experienced in the different aspects of mechanical ventilation in order to develop a quick and simple solution for respiratory patients with COVID-19 in need of respiratory assistance. The device is based on a manual respiratory balloon. The person operating the device squeezes the balloon rhythmically to ventilate a patient in emergency situations. - See more here

Beecardia - Beecardia, by Witalize, provides devices for ECG monitoring and analysis. Beecardia's solution consists of high-quality 3–12-lead ECG sensors and an electronic stethoscope designed to record, upload, and interpret cardio signals anywhere and anytime in conjunction with mobile, desktop, and web software - Explore the technology here

Earlysense - EarlySense has developed a contact-free monitoring system designed to enhance safety and reduce risk for general care patients. EarlySense can be used by hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks, and rehabilitation centres. heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement

Adaptation Covid-19: Use of continuous monitoring for isolation patients. Completely Contact-free Continuous Monitoring or Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Motion - Explore the solution here

Flight Medical - Flight Medical develops, manufactures, and markets life-supporting portable respiratory ventilators for home care, long-term care, emergencies, transport, hospitals, and subacute environments - See more here’s technology enables the extraction of a large set of vital signs and mental stress measurements based on the analysis of a video taken with any device equipped with a camera (smartphone, tablet, kiosk, in-car camera and many more). video-based monitoring solutions deliver on the promise of digital healthcare services extended to everyone, everywhere. Removing the need for extra wearables or home medical equipment, puts digital healthcare and personal wellness in anyone’s hand. 

Adaptation Covid-19: Combat the Spread of COVID-19 with realtime, remote video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

Explore the solution here

Soapy: Soapy Care has developed an IoT-powered hygiene micro-station designed to provide users with a precise dose of soap and water. The station turns the hand-washing process into digital data, and the company's technology produces data and insights from the device's use.

Adaption Covid-19: Soapy hygiene microstations can help to halt the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that users get an easy and effective wash–the right amount of soap, water, and time, every time. - Explore the solution here

Avenews: Avenews creates the connection between financial institutions and agri-businesses through a digital infrastructure that directly links agri-trade activity with financial services.

Adaptation Covid-19: Avenews created a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform as an additional product within our business to support small agricultural businesses suffering from the loss of their market. This platform was launched in 10 days in partnership with Strauss Foods with the sole purpose of supporting Israeli farmers during this crisis and ensuring their businesses will survive beyond this pandemic. Check it out here.

Explore the platform here

Keheala - Keheala is a mobile health company that aims to improve healthcare access and treatment outcomes for patients. By empowering patients with information, motivation, and support, Keheala delivers tools to overcome the non-medical drivers of disease that exist away from health facilities. Healthcare agencies are provided with remote-monitoring capabilities and vital analytics to combat epidemics in resource-constrained environments.

Adaptation Covid-19: Keheala has successfully transitioned to a remote-operating model. The tuberculosis patients using Keheala platform have uninterrupted access to information, motivation and support at a time when health facilities have limited capacity and are focusing efforts on a COVID-19 response.

Explore the solution here

If you are interested in knowing more about Israeli technologies in the COVID-19 response or connect to any of the companies mentioned above, contact us at

Stay safe and wash your hands!


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