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Mathika Pilot in Greece and Colombia

We are excited to share the Final Evaluation Report of Mathika’s pilot with IsraAID in Colombia and Greece from July 2020- February 2021.

Mathika, a software designed to teach learners aged 5- 13 math through games and video clips by emphasizing learning math that is language-free, was chosen to be part of our last Pilot Fund cohort. The software was piloted in refugee and migrant communities, given its potential to create a self-paced learning environment, which addresses barriers faced by children who often have limited educational support and insufficient command of a written language.

The Pilot validated that Mathika helps learners improve math skills, math confidence, and resilience. Read the full report here.

We thank the Edmund De Rothschild Foundation for supporting this initiative and the Tel Aviv University Nitzan Lab for designing the pilot’s M&E framework.


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