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New Year Updates from the Pears Challenge Alumnus

In the Jewish calendar, we are celebrating the end of year 5781 and moving on to 5782! This is the occasion to look back at the achievements of our alumnus. It was a year rich in progress, fundraising and development. We are very proud to feature a few of the alumnus and their highlight of the year.


Cassit, founded by Tamar Ish Cassit, Pears Challenge II alumni, is an R&D company specializing in solutions for people with hand injuries and disabilities. Cassit has designed and produced a variety of transparent splints that allow people to use their hands again!

Highlight of the year: They have started sales in Israel, Kenya and Italy.

They are currently fundraising! Contact us if you want to hear more about Cassit and be in touch with Tamar!


Soapy, founded by Max Simonovsky, Pears Challenge III alumni, offers the world's smartest Hand Washing Personal Station, powered by computer vision, supervised deep learning, and IoT. Soapy turns hand-washing into actionable data science - creating 500,000 data points every day. Furthermore, Soapy's CleanMachine uses just a fraction of the resources and saves 95% of water consumption, prevents 90% of soap waste, and is capable to be off-grid.

Highlight of the year: Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, their sales have boomed and Soapy is now at the scaling phase! Because of their high commitment to social goals, they have adopted a "Robin Hodd" model and are committed to giving 1 device to marginalized communities every time they sell 10 devices. Since they started in 2018 they have already served more than 10,000 children in emerging markets (India, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa).


EFA, founded by Yoel Ezra, Pears Challenge alumni III, developed a small, portable device, RevDx, that can perform automated blood tests, diagnostics and data analytics on the spot.

Highlight of the year: They have raised 2.2M USD! Additionally, they finished the prototype of the product and successfully piloted it in Israel.

They are soon opening the A round and getting ready to scale in Asia, Europe, and the US. To know more about EFA, watch the new demo here!


Our latest alumnus Tamar Akov and Mickey Noam Alon coming out of the Pears Challenge VI cohort, keep developing their solution and are making a lot of progress. They are developing a smart waterless sanitation system. It is designed to be implemented off-grid anywhere, including in disaster settings, densely populated areas and places with no infrastructure.

Highlight of the year: They have participated in the Kinneret Accelerator and won the MassChallenge 2021!


Rural Senses, founded by Yau Ben Or, Pears Challenge IV alumni, developed a solution using AI and empowering local data collectors to help development and humanitarian practitioners take data-driven decisions based on what communities really care about.

Highlight of the year: The team grew from 3 to 11 members. They are active in 4 different countries: India, Nepal, Ethiopia and Uganda, with new Israeli and international clients. Finally they have launched a new data dashboard, have a look at it. here!

This is only a glimpse of the updates! We wish all our alumnus happy holidays and good luck for the development of the solutions.

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