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Plethora Pilot in Dominica

We are thrilled to share the final evaluation report of Plethora's Pilot with IsraAID in Dominica from December 2020- April 2021.

Plethora is a pedagogical game-like environment that develops problem solving and computational thinking skills through an intuitive one of a kind interface that shifts

the focus from coding language and syntax to pure thinking processes.

The use of the technology resulted in the following positive outcomes:

  • The use of the platform improved problem solving and logical reasoning,

  • The game helped to reduce the gap between genders.

  • Students enhanced their competency in approaching problems.

  • Students were very engaged with the platform.

  • The game increased competitiveness levels among students – mostly for the better

  • Students loved the software’s graphics, particularly the shapes and colours;

The report also mentions a few areas of improvement adapting the technology to the local context.

We would like to thank Effi Baruch, CEO of Plethora, IsraAID's team in HQ and in Dominica, MoE in Dominica who collaborated, and special thank you to the Edmund De Rothschild Foundation for supporting this initiative.


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