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Soapy's story


After 6 years working in international business development in companies that supply medical devices, Max decided to earn an MBA at the College of Management Academic Studies in Rishon LeZion. There, along with his friend and future partner in Soapy, he came up with an idea for a startup. The initial idea was to generate water from air for a hand washing device, saving water and soap through automated processes. Soapy participated in the college’s Novus Accelerator and were named the best startup of 2017.

January - November 2017: Ideation

2017 - 2018: Field Validation

February 2018: First Exposure

May - December 2018: Exploration of a pivot

October - June 2019: First Round of Investments

February 2020: Covid-19 Leverage

January 2021- today: Scale

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