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Spotlight on Israeli DevTech Startup: EFA Technologies

On May, we are featuring Yoel Ezra, CEO at EFA Technologies. Yoel developed his solution as a member of the Pears Challenge cohort in 2017. EFA Technologies is developing the RevDx, an affordable handheld diagnostic and disease-mapping solution for integrated community case management.

What is EFA's story? Yoel Ezra founded the company in 2016 with the mission in mind to eradicate Malaria. After developing the first prototype and participating in the Pears Challenge and the eHealth Ventures Incubator, the team has decided to diversify the product and extend the diagnostic to blood cells for any kind of bacteria and virus. In only 4 years, the product is in its final stage of development and should be piloted in July by one of the biggest Israeli health organisations.

Tell us about the technology! EfA has developed the first of its kind mobile blood test lab. The device called RevDx, will enable a lab quality diagnostics everywhere and by anyone (no special expertise required). The first application will be a Complete Blood Count which is the most common test performed in cases of fever and infections to determine if the cause is a virus or a bacteria. Check the demo.

What is your motivation for doing what you do? EfA’s vision is to democratise diagnostics. Our motivation is to provide the best diagnostics at an affordable price to anyone, everywhere. How did you adapt your technology in times of coronavirus? We have added a proposed solution for remote activation of our blood sampling bio-chip allowing distancing of the medical teams from the patients. EfA Technologies has won a special grant from the Israel Innovation Authority as part of addressing the COVID-19 challenges. The extension of the medical device RevDx offers a complete blood count everywhere, from a single prick of the finger in a few minutes, including tracking and mapping in real-time. The device will be used as an essential part of diagnostics of the immune system and where there is a suspicion of an infection. RevDx is a completely mobile device, independent and very simple to operate while exposing the medical teams to minimal risks.

Thank you Yoel and Amir for this inspiring story. Good luck in accomplishing your great mission!


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