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Spotlight on N-Drip

For our 2022 June Newsletter, we spotlighted Avishay Sternleib, VP Global Sales at N-Drip Gravity Micro Irrigation.

What is N-Drip's story? N-Drip was created to face some of today's greatest problems - climate change and the global water crisis. Eighty-five percent of the world’s irrigated fields utilize flood irrigation, an ancient, unsustainable method. Flood irrigation wastes water, suppresses crop yields, and leads to contamination of both groundwater and surface water. Flood is also responsible for a very high proportion of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. To counter this, N-Drip was founded by Prof. Uri Shani, former Israel Water Commissioner, with a vision to end flood irrigation globally and by that mitigate climate change hazards. N-Drip works to bring the world a precise, gravity-based irrigation revolution! Tell us about N-Drip's technology! N-Drip’s patented gravity-powered micro-irrigation solution allows farmers to easily and inexpensively convert their flood-irrigated fields into N-Drip irrigated ones. N-Drip irrigation requires no external energy source nor filtration, and runs only on ever-renewable, always available gravity. Simple to use and affordable, it’s the most energy-efficient irrigation technology. Our revolutionary system saves farmers up to 70 percent of the water needed to grow crops, produces yields as much as 45 percent greater, reduces carbon emissions, and largely eliminates water pollution from fertilizer runoff. We also offer the N-Drip Connect™ - a decision support system that generates actionable insights for growers, such as irrigation and fertilization recommendations, and monitoring of water stress and nitrogen levels. With this system, N-Drip’s team of professionals are able to provide growers with support based on real-time data. Why is your technology beneficial to small holder farmers/users in developing countries? N-Drip irrigation requires no external energy source nor filtration, and runs only on a component no one in this world lacks: gravity. The simplicity and affordability, along with low energy usage make this a fantastic tool for small holder farmers and individuals in developing countries to use. Additionally, N-Drip technology contributes to improving farmers' resilience to climate change. Many farmers in water-stressed areas will rely on rain to irrigate their crops, taking a risk with the changing climate. Because of the unpredictability, this will oftentimes leading to crop failure and loss of profits. By implementing N-Drip's simple solution, farmers have more flexibility, reliability, and a decreased risk of crop failure. It also allows farmers to use less water for their crops, so when droughts do come, they will be more resilient to any fluctuations in water supply. Plus, by converting to N-Drip, farmers can start seeing immediate benefits such as using less fertilizer (which is costly and contributes to GHG emissions). With greater yields, farmers also gain the opportunity to become more prosperous while reducing water consumption and reducing current GHG emissions by up to 50%. This is better for the farmer, and better for the environment Where do you see N-Drip in the future? In the past, water-saving alternatives were too expensive or complicated. Our mission is to lead the effort in solving the global water shortage, by providing the ultimate alternative to flood irrigation, giving farmers access to precise, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions. We have chosen to lead a profound change in a 5,000-year-old industry, and implement the technology that will result in the end of flood irrigation, and we believe that N-Drip’s technology will be the dominant practice of irrigation. We hope to see many more irrigators shift to this technology in the future, and our job is to ensure we play a role in this transition. In doing so, we are providing a significant response to the climate crisis and helping farmers and irrigators use water effectively.


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