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Spotlight on Soapy

This month we interviewed Max Simonovsky, Soapy CEO and 2017 Pears Challenge alumnus.

Tell us about Soapy "Soapy has taken handwashing to a whole new level, utilizing advanced technologies to create the best hand hygiene solution out there - the CleanMachine. The personal handwashing station dispenses the exact amount of soap and warm water needed for a perfect wash. Motion sensors scan the user's hands throughout the wash cycle, while the smart screen reminds the user what hand movements to practice. At the end of every wash cycle, the user gets a live report analyzing their hand hygiene technique so that they can learn to improve it. The CleanMachine was designed to educate for best hand hygiene, save as many natural resources as possible, saving up to 95% of water and 60% of reagents otherwise wasted in the handwashing process. The smart handwashing station has a touch-free activation system to avoid contamination at the point of use which occurs in other public washing stations. Soapy has also developed the Soapy Wisdom platform, where hand hygiene translated into data and trends insights. Facility managers can easy to understand reports and act accordingly. Furthermore, these reports can help employers create a custom infection prevention plan for their facilities, as well as understand which parts of their facilities need to be taught more about hand hygiene." What is Soapy’s story? "It became apparent to myself and Alex that hand hygiene impacts health around the globe. Determined to improve human lives everywhere, we created the CleanMachine as a new and improved way to wash hands. The CleanMachine uses as few natural resources as possible while maintaining a perfect hand wash cycle so that countries without natural bodies of water can still use it to wash hands without being wasteful of their precious resources. Soapy's soap bottles are also recyclable, as part of Soapy's efforts to diminish waste around the world. Reducing illness caused by hand-borne pathogens is what we are here to do, all while protecting plant Earth. Soapy wants to save the world - one hand wash at a time." How has Soapy contributed to the fight against Covid-19? "Soapy's CleanMachines have been installed in many public spaces for COVID prevention, these facilities include schools, nursing homes, office buildings, furthermore, recently Sheba medical center's COVID ward installed Soapy's CleanMachines to help the medical staff fight infection inside the ward. Thorough handwashing is one of the best ways to fight the SARS-COV-2 virus, as the soap deactivates the virus's membrane, rendering it inactive. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Soapy has continued to work with our clients to create a safe, germ and virus-free environment that enabled them to keep on working while making sure their employees, customers, and products stayed safe." What is special about Soapy’s approach? "Soapy is committed to doing well - to do good. We want to give back to the communities that we are working in a way that encourages good hand hygiene regardless of socio-economic status. This is why we give 1 free CleanMachine to socio-economic distressed schools for every 10 Clean Machines sold. We have developed an educational curriculum centering around hand hygiene which goes hand in hand with the CleanMachine so that students can better their hand hygiene technique while leading a safe school life."


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