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Take Action #70Million

In 2019, we witnessed the largest population of refugees and other displaced people in history:over 70 million worldwide.

Already vulnerable, those forcefully displaced are particularly exposed to COVID-19.

Refugees and asylum seekers who are trapped in overflowing camps and overcrowded cities lack access to clean water, health care, and even clear information. For many of them, social distancing and regular hand washing are not an option. 

That is why, at the occasion of the World Refugee Day, OLAM invites you to take action to support refugees: learn about the urgency of their situation; donate to organizations working with refugees; volunteer; advocate on their behalf, and pledge to support the cause!

Pears Program is proud to be partners of the #70milllion campaign, powered by OLAMand organised in partnership with AJWS, HIAS, IsraAID, JDC Entwine, Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees,Repair the World, and World Jewish Relief.

Learn more: OLAM invites you to join the three following webinars this week:

How Can We Support Refugees & Asylum Seekers from the UK & Europe? June 23 1PM EST / 6PM UK / 8PM Israel

The migration of Asylum Seekers across the Mediterranean and through Europe has been the centre of much attention in recent years. Join this webinar to learn about the current challenges facing Refugees across the UK and Europe. We will be joined by Sarah Danby, Greece Country Director for IsraAid, Moses Seitler, a past refugee studies scholar who works for Refugee Support Network (who assist young refugees with their education) and a refugee/asylum seeker voice.

JDC Entwine Exclusive: Asylum Seekers in Israel June 24 11AM EST / 4PM UK / 6PM Israel There are more than #70million displaced people around the world who have fled violence, economic unrest, and natural disaster. Among that number are 31,000 asylum seekers living in Israel who have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Join the Entwine Exclusive with Michal Ben Dov (JDC Director of Strategic Partnerships), Shauna Ruda (Social Impact Consultant) and other community leaders to learn how JDC and its partners are responding to the crisis.

Resilience and Leadership: A Conversation with Refugees

June 25 11AM EST / 4PM UK / 6PM Israel At the peak of the #70million campaign, we are hosting a live webinar that will specifically highlight refugee voices and stories about their journey to become leaders in their communities. We will hear from a Syrian refugee in the UK, a Rohingya refugee in Canada, and an Eritrean asylum seeker in Israel. More information to come soon, follow OLAM’s social media. 


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