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Webinar Series UNDP Acceleration Lab Ethiopia

The Role of Innovation during Coronavirus: A webinar series in collaboration with UNDP Acceleration Lab Ethiopia

After launching a call for solutions tackling the coronavirus pandemic effects, UNDP Acceleration Lab in Ethiopia approached the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia and the Pears Program to get some inspiration from solutions deployed in Israel or developed by Israeli entrepreneurs, and find a way to foster local entrepreneurship. We organised three online events about Coronavirus and Innovation in three main sectors where the Ethiopian government was seeking innovative solutions: Public Health, Government Functions Continuity and Socio-economic impacts. We invited several impressive ecosystem players or Israeli experts who innovated/ adapted their technology for the times of coronavirus.

In the first webinar about Public Health: Yoav Fisher, Head of Digital Health Innovation at HealthIL and Curtis W. Peterson, Startup Consultant and Digital Health expert

In the second webinar about the government functions continuity: Yerael Oshrat, Head of Innovation (Government ICT Authority) and Monika Rozalska-Lilo, CEO at CREATORS IDEAtion Lab,

And in the last webinar about social and economic impacts: Nadav Yesod, Director of Global Communities at Tikkun Olam Makers and Ali Serag, Co-founder and CTO at Fostrum and COVIDimpact.


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