World Refugee Day 2020

Humanitarian Innovation

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For the 20th anniversary of World Refugee Day, UNHCR released its global report on displacement: more than 1% of the world population is forcibly displaced today – which represents 79.5 million people compelled to live away from home. Find the report here.


Billions of dollars are spent annually and thousands of international agencies are working hard addressing challenges arisen from humanitarian crises, the aid community has thus struggled to address the deep root causes of international displacement.


There is a need to find faster, cheaper, more effective, and more sustainable ways to reduce global risks and vulnerabilities to displacement, and eventually cut down the requirement for international aid.


As such, the aid community has increasingly been looking towards innovation – and more specifically technology – to optimize humanitarian practice and increase impact.

At the occasion of World Refugee Day, in partnership with Mindset PCS, we are happy to feature a few inspiring initiatives of Humanitarian innovation or Refugee entrepreneurs.

Resources and Inspiring Initiatives