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FinTech for Impact - FinTech Week, Rise Tel Aviv

We were honoured and happy to participate in FinTech Week Tel Aviv 2020 discussing social impact and FinTech and the opportunities in emerging markets, alongside inspiring experts. Our Project Manager Yarden Haik has an extensive experience in FinTech, as she was the General Manager of Rise Tel Aviv, Barclays' Open Innovation, after spending three years in Mexico and Uganda in an international development NGO. She was alongside Daniel Kalish, Head of Growth at Paypal, Cecile Bilious, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango VC, and Saul Fine, CEO at Innovative Assessment.

Some takeaways from the panel: 1) The opportunities of FinTech solutions in emerging markets are unlimited, the need is huge and the infrastructures are ready to welcome such technologies. 2) We need to see impact investments as part of the mainstream market - having a purpose does not conflict with maximising profits! 3) Use the SDGs in order to frame the impact you are making.

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