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Join the Israeli
DevTech Community

Participate in a dynamic community of Israeli start-ups, companies, and experts that believe in the transformative power of values-driven innovation to improve the lives of people all over the world.

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Grow Your Start-Up at the Pears Clinic

Take advantage of our bi-weekly sessions with Pears Program staff who are here to help make relevant connections and coach you in achieving short-term goals. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so you can apply and join year round.

Meet with Experts at the Connect Platform

Are you part of a DevTech start-up or company? Join us for monthly 1 on 1 expert consultation sessions to meet with experienced experts that can help you grow your DevTech venture.

Each session invites four experts with different specialties such as venture capital, marketing, business development, humanitarian innovation who meet with the companies in our community. Companies choose who they want to meet with and “speed date” the experts for 30 minutes each over Zoom. If the engagement is interesting and beneficial for both sides, experts and companies forge connections to meet outside of the platform as well.

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Invite Us to Share Our Knowledge

We're thrilled to share our expertise with your audience! If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to join your academic, startup, accelerator/incubator, NGO, or public sector crowd, we can offer presentations, panel facilitation, and workshops in the following topics:

  • Innovating for the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP)

  • The role of technology and the private sector in international development

  • Market entry and adaptation to emerging markets

  • The power of partnerships

  • Leapfrogging

And many more!



Explore our library of curated content about innovation for international development


Check out the innovative Israeli Companies that belong to the DevTech community


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