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Israeli DevTech Delegation to Kenya

With our numerous programs, colleagues, and partners based around the continent, it's always an exciting time when we have the opportunity to touch down on African soil. This past February, we had the privilege of bringing six Israeli DevTech companies along with us to the 11th Sankalp Africa Summit - as well as accompanying business activities throughout Kenya. The companies that joined us were diverse in their sectors, stages, and experience in the continent, but all shared the common thread of being what we call a DevTech company - for-profit companies with solutions for global development challenges.

Meet the Companies & Representatives

DL Analytics is an innovative FemTech company developing phone-based AI imaging solutions for cervical cancer screening and management in under-resourced health systems.

Representative: David Levitz, CEO & CTO

Kenya-Israel Business Seminar

The delegation started off with a B2B seminar put together by our fabulous and collaborative partners, the Israel Economic Mission to Kenya, where we were astounded by the 115 attendees joining from 84 Kenyan companies, looking to hear from the delegates and seek potential routes for collaboration. The event included presentations by all six companies, followed by B2B meetings between the delegates and Kenyan attendees, curated and matched by the Israel Economic Mission to Kenya. The day ended with a cocktail event for more opportunities to network and mingle. This day was a perfect start to the delegation for the representatives joining us, giving them direct exposure to potential partners, as well as an opportunity to present themselves and what they are looking to gain from the trip. We are so grateful for the tremendous effort by the Israel Economic Mission to Kenya to put together such a spirited event, warmly welcoming and introducing Israeli companies to representatives of Kenya’s innovation ecosystem. The delegates left impressed by the event's production quality and business potential, while Kenyan companies expressed interest in future visits to Israel and continuing conversations with many of the delegates. 

Sankalp Annual Summit

When the time came to attend the Sankalp Africa Summit, our delegates were rested and ready for the main event. As official partners of the event for the first time, we hosted a booth with the Israel Economic Mission to Kenya where we showcased the companies and their solutions. Participants that came to our booth were able to meet face-to-face with the delegates, as well as access their contact information and read more about them in the catalog we prepared.

In the weeks leading up to Sankalp, the Pears Program team prepared the companies with curated stakeholder mapping to maximize their time at the conference, as well as assistance in accessing potential speaking engagements to heighten their exposure at the conference itself. We were thrilled to watch Elisha Rubin, Executive Chairman and Co-CEO of Agri-Light participate in the Climate Investor Dealroom  session, where he pitched for potential investors and got the chance to expand his network and future opportunities in the continent. 

Sankalp was an incredible opportunity to expose a handful of startups in our community to Africa’s innovation ecosystem, and vice versa. We are very grateful to Sankalp for welcoming us as official partners, as well as the warm welcome extended to our delegates. We look forward to future summits with Sankalp Forum, Israel Economic Mission to Kenya, and more of Israel’s most cutting-edge DevTech companies. 

We invite you to get in touch with us if you are interested in exploring future delegations with Pears Program for Global Innovation.

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