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Roni Levy

Project Manager

Roni is a multidisciplinary sustainable development professional working at the intersection of environmental sustainability, purpose-driven business and international development.

With a rich background in the Israeli Environmental Education sector, Roni transitioned to the Sustainable Development field and has spent the last decade generating positive social and environmental impact through working with various companies in diverse contexts: from public health and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa to community conservation and eco-tourism in the Asia Pacific region all the way to impact-production and creative campaigns globally.

Roni currently works as a Project Manager at Pears Program for Global Innovation and leads the Pears Challenge - Israel's only DevTech Venture Builder. She's passionate about climate change resilience and adaptation and promotes needs-based, appropriate and inclusive innovation and regenerative practices.

Roni holds a Master of Environment degree from the University of Melbourne specializing in International Development and Impact Innovation, and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences from Ben Gurion University.

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