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Israel-India Global Innovation Challenge

We are happy to announce the 18 Israeli companies that were chosen by the Indian Judges to participate in the Israel-India Global Innovation Challenge. We received more than 140 applications from a wide range of amazing companies with innovative ideas but only 18 could participate in the program. Here are the companies that will participate in the Program:



Amaizz is an Ag-tech company dedicated to developing innovative products that drastically minimize losses caused by spoilage and degradation throughout the handling, storage, and processing stages. In 2016, Amaizz won the Israeli Grand Challenges Program and gained the support of the Israeli Chief Scientist for its innovative drying technology. Amaizz’s solution for post-harvest handling and storage save up to 50% of the losses caused by mishandling and depreciation and greatly improves production efficiency leading to higher quality produce. Amaizz products and solutions are focused on a broad range of clients, mainly small and medium-scale farmers but also include commercial farmers, factories, and logistic centers. The most urgent need for farmers is comprehensive solutions in drying machines, cooling units, and storage facilities. Amaizz provides portable, durable, cost-effective and clean energy solutions that address the farmers needs.


BotanoCap has developed an eco-friendly platform for the slow release of volatile compounds,such as essential oils and uses this encapsulation technology to facilitate the use of natural substances for agricultural applications.Each year massive quantities of food are lost due to spoilage during post-harvest storage and transportation. Natural volatile compounds extracted from plants have demonstrated biological efficacy and are a viable alternative to toxic and environmentally damaging synthetic chemicals. BotanoCap’s encapsulation enables the long term slow release of the volatile active compounds, thus reducing the frequency of application. It allows for the isolation of the active ingredient from the crop, ensuring a reduction in phytotoxicity and hence a reduction in post harvest spoilage. While we are currently focusing on Agricultural applications, this same technology can be applied to various uses such as food additives, water treatment and cosmetic & healthcare Applications. BotanoCap’s technology is protected by patents.


Biofeed was founded in 2004 by Dr. Nimrod Israeli , and is focused on spray-free solutions for fruit fly control. Biofeed holds 10% of the market In Israel. In 2015 Biofeed won Grand Challenges Israel to develop a solution to India's #1 pest; the Oriental fruit fly, which currently causes over $ 3 billion damage to India's $ 9.2 billion mango industry. Biofeed's 2017 field results (Karnataka, India) presented a 90% reduction of fruit infestation. Hence, Biofeed became the first and only company to have a solution for that pest. Using Biofeed's novel solution enables growers to increase their income by 50% to 700%. Furthermore, export will become possible and the industry will regain over 5 million tons of quality produce. To fully exploit this market Biofeed is open to cooperate with local distributors and investors.


Saillog is a technology company offering solutions to the agricultural sector.There is an increasing imbalance between agricultural productivity and the growing global food demand. Whilst, there is a shortage of agricultural-extension experts who aid farmers in overcoming problems affecting agricultural production. Saillog utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to identify plant diseases and deficiencies, while providing consumers with treatment protocols. Small-scale farmers and home gardeners benefit from the Agrio freemium smartphone app that aggregates data through uploaded images of plants with suspected pathologies. Users receive responses from the AI software and a community of agricultural experts. For large-scale farmers, Saillog offers an autonomous disease control vehicle. The vehicle patrols and monitors fields then notifies farmers when diseases are recognized. The vehicle suggests optimal treatment and implements real-time interventions. Saillog leverages and deploys artificial intelligence algorithms to provide users with one complete solution for disease and pest management problems.


SupPlant, a leading company in the realm of precision agriculture, helps growers increase their efficiency in the process of irrigation and crop growing. There is a constant and concerning need to improve methods of farming due to ample parameters such as climate change, water scarcity, lack of knowledge, lack of land and more. SupPlant addresses these aspects through integration of robust hardware along with software and unique algorithms to apply an “autonomous vehicle” approach for real-time decisions making, based on critical factors and variables dictated by the crop.The system itself consists of 3 family types of sensors- soil, climate and plants. The crops are monitored 24/7, constantly providing data on which the “platform” analyzes and will react and apply precise irrigation. The users obtain a dedicated mobile app allowing them to have sufficient control over their crop growing procedure. SupPlant- More Produce, Less Water.


Our technology is aimed to enhance global food security and abundance by increasing yields of crops (lentil, peas, corn, sunflower, cotton, soy, carrots and more) by an average of 10.4%. Technology only requires electrical power to generate illumination that simulates sun light. By applying a specific regime of light and darkness, we expedite germination that results in yield increase. The technology was demonstrated in 59 field trials in Israel (8 crops). The basics of the technology are: 1.Continuous and Fast, within 5-15 minutes the seeds exit the machine into bags. Compatible with standard seed processing operations. 2.No chemicals or water.. 3.Low cost, ~ 0.50 USD/Kg. 4.Machines can be manufactured in India 5.Service can be delivered by local seed treating facilities. 6.The end user keeps his growing protocol in their fields. 7.Higher yields, as well as better produce quality. 8.Shorter growing season by week or two from sowing to harvest.


Water Technology

MAAGAN FILTRATION developing innovative industrial water filters with automatic self-cleaning for fine filtration of 1-10 microns.Fine filtration, bordering on 1-10 micron, is a filtration range for which the current market offers few efficient & cost effective solutions with automatic self-cleaning. A reliable high-performance fine filtration, with low maintenance costs has many potential markets, with annual turnover estimated at a few billion dollars (USD). Maagan Filtration, has unique approach to filtration methods and principles, resulting in number of patents, and more important in two groundbreaking new filters. Maagan Filtration also developed inimitable, patent pending, multilayered yarns for water mechanical filtration solutions. Both our Sheaf Filter and Fiber Disc Filter deliver higher efficient filtration than media filters, at significantly higher water yield. Those filters are an ideal alternative to cartridge filters replacement due to their automatic self-cleaning mechanism Eliminating labor, wear and tear and avoids environmental damage caused by disposable filters.


AMS Technologies develops and markets breakthrough chemically- and thermally-stable UF and NF membranes, significantly improving the economics of inorganic compounds recovery. AMS offers a complete product line of extreme acid, alkaline, solvent, thermal and pressure stable membranes. Our clients use our technology to recover valuable chemicals from industrial product- and wastewater-streams. They thereby save chemical costs, save the cost of neutralizing and disposing of the chemicals, and enjoy the clear environmental benefits. AMS focuses on the multiple industrial segments, including Mining, Pharmaceutical, Pulp, Rayon, Dairy and Chemicals.


Quality assurance is most important when considering drinking water. Turbidity, the ‘cloudiness’ of a fluid, is a crucial parameter in determining water quality. cloudiness is caused by solids usually invisible to the naked eye and consists of particles heavy and large enough to settle.AQUA HD's solution is based on pascal forces. The technology utilizes centripetal forces and gravitational effect to separate the particles. The customization of the solution to the specific application is based on a complex mathematical model and taking into consideration the feed water analysis, and producing the exact required flow structure to produce optimized particle separation.AQUA HD's solution removes a wide range of organic and inorganic suspended solids and can even remove particles a small as 0.7 micron.The solution is designed as a 'plug and play' device. It has no moving parts ensuring lower maintenance than other solutions AQUA HD technology entails a lower investment compared to traditional purification systems.


Lishtot makes inexpensive products to quickly detect drinking water contamination. Lishtot’s first product, the TestDrop, is a handheld key-chain device detecting contaminants like E. coli, lead, arsenic, pesticides, and chemicals at EPA/WHO standards. The 2-second test shows a blue or red light indicating the absence or presence of contaminants. Connecting via Bluetooth to the Lishtot mobile app, users can track their test history and view more data on their water including the likelihood of contamination. No other technology can test such a wide range of contaminants in such a short amount of time and for such an affordable price. Lishtot would like to bring its technology to India and develop a Test-as-a-Service business model, allowing anyone to order a Lishtot certified tester to their house to test their water and provide on-the-spot results and treatment recommendations. This offering will be particularly useful for checking that water filters are functioning properly.


SunDwater main focus is to deliver water scarcity efficient solutions by converting unsafe or salt water into potable water for human consumption or irrigation. SunDwater solutions require no infrastructure or external energy source utilizing natural resources, harnessing solar heat as its energy source. System is environmentally friendly, resolving one global problem without creating another. The SunDwater solution takes advantage of the world’s unlimited sources of salt or unclean water and converting them into fresh water. Over the years several attempts have been made to utilize solar energy as the main power source for the process of heating water, evaporation and then condensation (water distillation). Unfortunately the results were far from satisfying and the achieved fresh water outflow was very small. The SunDwater solution overcomes these problems offering a scalable and cost-effective solution.


Aquallence is proud to introduce "NanoBlue", the world's first Point of Entry Plug & Play grid power-free water purification & disinfection solution for household, residential & Rural water systems. Aquallence's flagship product, NanoBlue, is the most advanced system that guarantees complete “Water Shield“ disinfection & purification performance by removal of viruses, bacteria, cysts ,arsenic 3 & 5, lead, mercury, iron, odor and chlorine by using grid power-free ozone-based technology. Aquallence addresses the poor and deteriorating quality of water in both municipal and rural sectors. Rural water is contaminated by micro-biological and chemical contaminants, exposing many rural residents to disease. In addition, the quality of drinking water supplied by municipalities all over the world is rapidly deteriorating. NanoBlue • Patented miniature ozone disinfection system • Plug & Play at POE water supply inlet. • Disinfects entire water systems • Self-powered with no grid power • Alert signal capability


Digital Health

Malaria is still the world’s most fatal infectious disease, posing a huge economic burden on endemic countries. Majority of tests is conducted by manual microscopy, which involves trained individuals who painstakingly prepare blood smears and look at them under microscope. In addition to being labor intensive and prone to user errors, manual microscopy becomes a lost art, making it harder to handle the load of tests while maintaining the desired accuracy. To replace manual microscopy, Sight invented a novel sample preparation and staining method, enabling the creation of a live monolayer of blood within 15 seconds. This live monolayer is automatically formed in a disposable cartridge which is loaded into a device. Our device combines computer-vision algorithms to rapidly identify & quantify blood components in an automated fashion. Through digital diagnose we diagnose malaria with over 98% sensitivity & specificity and provide input about speciation (malaria type) and number of cells infected.


Zebra Medical Vision has set out to help millions of people receive high quality, fast, affordable imaging care - by teaching software to automatically diagnose medical imaging scans, such as CTs, X-Rays, MRIs etc. Medical imaging diagnosis requires a skilled radiologist to interpret findings. In India there are ~5 radiologists per 100K people, compared to >60 in the US. As the population grows, millions of people suffer from lack of access to radiology services, radiologists themselves are extremely overworked, and not able to provide timely, high quality diagnosis due to the pressure on them. Zebra's automated analytics engine is capable of receiving imaging scans and analyzing them to indicate key findings. Our product identifies coronary, liver, lung and bone disease, as well as lung and breast cancer and numerous other findings. By deploying our solutions across hospitals – we can help bridge the growing gap between the demand for radiology services and the supply of fast, affordable high quality diagnosis.


MobileODT is creating the next generation of smart medical solutions. Our smart EVA (Enhanced Visualization and Assessment) System combines biomedical optics with the power and connectivity of cellular technology. The EVA System can be used everywhere, under nearly any condition from advanced hospitals to low-resource settings. In 2017, following deployment in 26 countries around the world, MobileODT piloted the EVA System for Cervical Cancer in India with Apollo Hospitals, Hiranandani Hospitals, Batra Hospital, and Fortis Hospitals. In 2018, we will scale the EVA System across the subcontinent. Our next product, the EVA System for Oral Cancer, combines portable, easy-to-use, and point-of-care visualization and assessment tools to rapidly improve screening efforts for oral disease. The EVA System integrates secure software for remote consultation, record keeping, patient tracking, and ongoing quality assurance and training purposes to ensure Oral Cancer screenings are effective, sustainable, and lead to ongoing cost-savings.


There are over 400 million diabetic patients worldwide. 50 million of them may go blind due to Diabetic Retinopathy, the leading cause for blindness within working age adults.

Dedicated to providing affordable eye care and prevent blindness worldwide, Camereyes has developed a simple, end-to-end solution for detecting and monitoring Diabetic Retinopathy at a push of a button. Cameraeyes leverages cutting edge optics and advanced deep learning algorithms to provide low cost, fully automated solution for places where professional eye care specialists may be scarce or far away. Camereyes solution requires no special setup or skill, making it ideal for busy endocrinologists and primary care providers - even in remote locations.

Patients do not need pupil dilation, they just slip on a headset and with the press of a button, high quality fundus images are automatically taken and sent for storage in the cloud. A network of professional reading centers with accredited graders, supported by our advanced machine learning algorithms, analyze the images and generate detailed reports which are sent back, in a matter of minutes, to the point of care, whether it’s a busy diabetes center in Toronto or a remote clinic in a tent in Timbuktu.


When people are diagnosed with illness, they turn to the Internet for answers only to be overwhelmed by repetitive, irrelevant, outdated, unsafe, and incomprehensible health information: they simply don't know what applies to them and what they can trust.

Medivizor’s multi-award-winning platform solves this. Medivizor continuously scans thousands of research papers, clinical trials, guidelines, and warnings, and figures out which matter to whom and explains it all in a language people understand, empowering people to make timely and well informed decisions about their health. In effect, Medivizor is a personalized, AI-powered, "GPS" to navigate chronic illness. Medivizor is endorsed and distributed by dozens of healthcare providers (e.g. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital) and non-profit organizations (e.g. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).Medivizor can help and is eager to partner with doctors, other clinicians, healthcare providers, payers, biopharma companies, CROs, non-profits, and more.


VOTIS helps diabetics keep their feet through rapid, early screening for diabetic foot syndrome and associated pathologies including peripheral vascular disease and infections, before tangible symptoms arise. Assessing severity of diabetic foot pathology before a wound develops and becomes infected or gangrenous with current technology is a struggle. A cut, a nick, or even an abrasion may quickly develop into an infection or gangrene, and the only available treatment option may be amputation. Early detection enables better and more cost-effective treatment options, leading to fewer amputations. The digital-health-based VOTIS system works by directing harmless light into the foot, and measuring results. The captured information is sent via the cloud to remote servers, where our proprietary algorithms convert it into 3-dimensional maps describing physiological parameters within the foot. Artificial intelligence/machine learning codes then perform diagnostic classification and, eventually, prognosis. Screening with the VOTIS system saves money, limbs, and lives.

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