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IsraAid WASH MeetUp

What do you get when you take a group of Israeli companies and entrepreneurs in the field of water technology and mix them with a group of professionals and volunteers from post-disaster-humanitarian-aid organization? It’s too early to say but one thing is for sure - Only good things!

Yesterday we held a closed MeetUp between 10 Israeli companies and startups with water technologies to IsraAID WASH team. The companies heard from people who worked in disaster areas like Vanuatu, Peru, and Dominica about the needs in the field so the companies could better understand what humanitarian aid organizations like IsraAID are looking for.

About IsraAID

IsraAID is a non-governmental, humanitarian aid organization that provides lifesaving emergency relief and sustainable solutions for populations affected by natural disasters, epidemics and post-conflict situations. IsraAID provides the vital support needed to move from destruction to reconstruction to sustainable living. Read more about the type of technologies they are looking for in the attached file

The opportunity

IsraAID is looking for technologies in the following fields:

  1. Increasing water availability (quantity, accessibility).

  2. Increasing & improving water quality in the community level (safe water storage and safe water delivery chain)

  3. Providing or improving sanitation solutions. (Reduce spreading of water-borne diseases or providing sanitation Facilities).

  4. Promoting hygienic awareness both personal and environmental.

If you like to learn more about IsraiAID work in the field of WASH you can download the document in this link

We thank Ben and all IsraAID team for their input and it's exciting to see the link between Israeli International aid organization and Israeli innovation.

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