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IsraAID-Pears Program Humanitarian Market Bootcamp & Pilot Fund 2021

The Pears Program for Global Innovation and IsraAID invite Israeli companies with innovative solutions in the fields of

  1. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Technology

  2. Education Technology

  3. Public Health Awareness and Management Technology

  4. Data Collection, Management, and Analysis Technology

to apply to participate in the IsraAID-Pears Program Humanitarian Market Bootcamp & Pilot Fund. This is a unique opportunity to explore your technology’s applicability to humanitarian settings. We are seeking companies interested in the humanitarian market, with innovations that can offer durable, sustainable, and affordable solutions in resource-limited settings. Detailed sector descriptions and needs can be found at the bottom of this page,

Successful applicants will be invited to attend our week-long Humanitarian Market Bootcamp. Participants will gain the basic knowledge and tools to navigate the humanitarian sector, conduct market research in this field, design targeted marketing material for these actors,

Following the Bootcamp, participants will be invited to apply for a funded pilot and deploy their technology for field testing in one of IsraAID’s humanitarian missions around the world. At the end of the pilot, IsraAID experts will compose a final report documenting the technology’s impact, for the company to use in future marketing and partnership endeavors.

You should apply if:

  • Your company has a field-ready technology, operates from Israel as a business or non-profit, has a unique technological solution (not a consultancy or project management company), and is interested in working in humanitarian settings.

  • You want to understand the humanitarian world, guided by IsraAID, the Pears Program, and other key actors.

  • You are seeking to build connections and expand your network in the humanitarian market to help your company build more bridges with additional partners.

  • You want to develop a strategy to see how your company can penetrate and scale in this market.

  • You are aiming to validate your technology’s impact in humanitarian settings through this funded pilot and assess its impact in humanitarian settings—coupled with a tangible deliverable that you can use for future marketing and partnership development.

Program Timeline

  • May 20th 2021: Application window closes

  • May 30th-June 3rd 2021: Interviews for relevant companies

  • June 2021: Short-listed technologies notified;

  • July 11th-15th 2021: ‘Humanitarian Market Bootcamp’

  • July-August 2021: Market research and business plan development;

  • August 2021: Submission of company profiles and pitch videos for final selection for pilot funding, which will be finalized in September and October.

Interested companies can fill out the initial interest form and relevant companies will be asked to fill out a comprehensive application form. Questions can be referred to

All applications will be reviewed for selection by the Pears Program for Global Innovation and IsraAID staff, including professionals in the fields of WASH, Education, MEAL and Public Health, in line with on-the-ground needs and priorities. The program does not include funding for company R&D, HR, or any other expenses.

The Pilot Fund is made possible through the generous support of the Edmond de


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